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San Diego’s first iris photography studio!
We capture your unique iris photos, print them and turn them into an art work

The Process

Express yourself, choose from many available options of prints
We take a photo of your iris using our unique photo equipment
We edit your iris photo to optimize it for high quality printing, keeping all the colors and patterns original

We turn your eyes into art

Our special method captures the beauty of your eyes and transforms them into an amazing work of art.
No one among 7 billion people worldwide has the same iris.
Some irises resemble the ocean, others — a mysterious planet.

Our products

Premium prints
Let us capture your iris and print a photo on site.
Ready to take home in 10 minutes! Available in A4 and A3 formats
Truly amazing addition to your home interior. Discuss with our specialist what design would you like to get. Family prints, collision prints or something even more creative? Just let us know.
We are offering high quality iris prints on acrylic. These are truly masterpieces! Production and delivery from our warehouse may take up to 2-3 weeks.
Instant print
Unique wall art

How to get your Iris photo

If you wish to order a wall art with customization, please add to your appointment 15 minutes free consultation when booking online.
If you are planning to bring your family or friends to take their irises photo, please book accordingly or email us if you have any questions or concerns.
We recommend to book one photo session for one person, the whole process takes around 30 minutes including photography and editing.

customize my photo

We have many options to offer: for example, «collision» prints for couples, panoramic artworks with 3-5 irises for families etc. You can also add names or dates to make your new iris art even more memorable.
Download High Quality Files
Choose a Desired Size
Add Names or Dates
Add an Effect
Get a Panorama - 3 to 5 Irises
Use Two Irises
Choose a Desired Material

Fun facts about iris

Heterochromia is a condition where people or animals have two different coloured irises.
Iris colour comes from microscopic pigment cells called melanin. When there is abundance of pigment, the eye appears deep brown to black. With less pigment, the shade becomes green or blue.



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